Revolver, Acrylic on Canvas on Board, 36” x 48”, 2013

Acrylic on Canvas on Board,
36” x 48”,


“The social, historical and spatial dimensions of our lives are inseparable and interdependent” – Edward Soja: Third Space


In this series of works, James Olley examines the overlap between interconnected perspectives of space and how we perceive and process memory. Olley’s work constructs spaces which incorporate the concept of Lived Memory, a real and imagined place, resulting in an individual or collective experience. This is where many of us reside, between the overlap and blending of experiences, fictional and actual memories informed by our individual perceptions.

Much of Olley’s work shares a common interest in the fluidity and potential for motion in paint; emulsifying and recording his engagement with the materials.  Systems of representation combined with languages of abstraction informs his practice. Olley’s paintings oscillate between abstraction and figuration, combining geometric and architectural forms with a variety of paint applications, expressive mark making, bright under painting and optical mixing.